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ModCrash, LLC is an online resource for PC hardware reviews, PC news, gaming and modding. ModCrash is dedicated to giving the best possible information to users that are looking to build a custom PC, fix their PC or mod their PC. We don’t hold any punches back when it comes to reviews or information her at ModCrash because we believe it is important that fellow modder’s have the right information about products, companies and techniques when it comes to being a PC enthusiast.

ModCrash was founded late 2012 by some guys always building and modding PC’s but there was never a place for them to go to find quality reviews and news that could be trusted 100%. So ModCrash was born to provide that missing information. Now, ModCrash has become known as a site that produces quality, truthful content and tutorials.

Since our launch in November of 2012 we have also launched a forums section on February 20, 2013.

The ModCrash Team:

f1ss1on (Riad Kilani) – CEO / Founder

Hooviliation (Haval Aloussi) – CTO

Clixxer (Tom Bottkol) – Chief Content Officer

Dorkstar8 (David Pearce) – Editor / Director of Corporate Relations


Updated January 10th, 2013