Activision buys its Freedom from Parent Company

Activision Buys Company back from Vivendi

Well unlike Michael Dell trying to buy back his company that is named after himself, Activision has bought itself back from the parent holding company Vivendi. CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick has apparently bought more than 600 millions shares back from Vivendi to have a majority stake in the now independent company. According to GamesRadar is that Bobby Kotick and Brian Kelly personally put in $100 million of their own money and the rest coming from an investment group to lead the charge that will put Activision in their control and out of the hands of anyone else. In a statement this is what Kotick had to say.

“These transactions together represent a tremendous opportunity for Activision Blizzard and all its shareholders, including Vivendi,” Kotick wrote in a statement. “We should emerge even stronger—an independent company with a best-in-class franchise portfolio and the focus and flexibility to drive long-term shareholder value and expand our leadership position as one of the world’s most important entertainment companies.”

The investor group is a Chinese Media conglomerate by the name of Tencent that put up the majority of the cash as well as some other investors. While Vivendi sold 600 million shares which when all is said and done comes out to around $8.2 billion they will still hold onto a 12 percent stake in the Activision.

Activision Buys Company back from Vivendi

Activision Now Independent Company

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