AMD Kaveri APUs Could Be Delayed Until Q1 2014

AMD A10-6800K APU

According to a report made by Digitimes is if you were waiting on the AMD Kaveri APUs to release this year you will have to wait until sometime in February 2014 because of issues with the mass production and it not being ready until very late in 2013. According to their article is that the original plan was for AMD to release their Kaveri APU sometime in Q3 or Q4 of 2013 but they are reporting because AMD only was going to provide two A10 and one A8 Kaveri APU as pilot production samples that it would be hard to get everything ready and for retail.

AMD Kaveri APU Roadmap

AMD Kaveri APU Roadmap

After all of this Digitimes did say that AMD declined to comment because the Kaveri APU is an unreleased product.

Why is the delay of the AMD Kaveri APU Important?

Now the big deal about the Kaveri APUs is because Kaveri will be the first APU to implement multiple new features. The Kaveri APU will feature the HUMA memory architecture, which is part of the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) that unifies the memory architecture between the CPU and GPU by allowing cross sharing. The Kaveri APU also will feature a x86 Steamroller core and GCN graphics core. Also the Kaveri APU should launch on the FM2+ platform.

While a Kaveri APU will not make you forget about Intel’s core processors or AMD’s regular line of desktop processors, this is a big step for a company always looking for new revenue streams and has found a pretty good one with the APU market. The current APUs are pretty good for what they are and this will only make them better with basically upgrades on every major architecture that can enhance performance. Since I own a A10-6800K on the FM2 socket it has got me wondering about how well the Kaveri APU will perform in comparison.

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