AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” shows up on Ebay

AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” shows up on Ebay

Ebay seller wowbagger1234 recently posted up an engineering sample of the AMD Radeon HD 7990  “Malta” GPU.  At the time of this article the currently bid is $910.00, and I’m sure will trend upwards over the course of the next 5 days.  The auction is set to end on April 21st, and the highest bidder might have a chance at owning a small piece of tech history.  Enough about the auction, let’s see what the spec’s are of the engineering sample.  Keep in mind this is an engineering sample of the reference AMD Radeon HD 7990 and the specifications listed here may not be the same as they will be once the card is released.  Speaking of release, this card is slated for release on April 24th, 2013.


HD 7990 Ebay



 AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” Specifications:

  • GPUsTwo Tahiti
  • DirectXDX 11.1
  • PCIe3.0
  • Memory1500Mhz
  • Clock
  • Power2 x 8 Pin Connectors / 375W
  • Memory
    2x3072Mb GDDR5
  • DisplayDVI & 4 Mini-Display


Looking Further

HD 7990 Reference Card

From the looks of the picture above, it appears the AMD reference card is using the Gigabyte Windforce cooling technology or at least something very similar.


AMD Radeon HD 7990

Not too much can be learned from this image.  It takes up two slots, and uses PCI-e.  Something we all already knew.  However the pink foam paper is rather stylish.


HD 7990 Ebay

From the side we can see what we already know.  2 x 8 pin connectors, 2 slots of real state, and it still appears to be the Gigabyte windforce technology from this angle as well.


What did we learn?

Not a whole lot as we’ve really already seen this card, but it’s nice to see AMD releasing a reference card.  It’s probably not going to draw the hype that the Nvidia Titan drew in, but it’s sure to give AMD a little more market focus for a while.  Most of us will never see this card due to the price point of $1000+.  But the HD 7990 is still a solid card, and maybe one day AMD will sending ModCrash an engineering sample to benchmark.  Until then, Dorkstar out.

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