AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series of Ram Announced


AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series of Ram Announced

AMD announced today they are entering the high end ram memory business and the first set they are selling is the AMD Radeon RG2133 gamer ram. This is part of AMD’s push for what they call a “unified gaming strategy initiative”. AMD is claiming that the new ram they are putting out will give an increase of 22% for frame rates. Also these memory kits are designed to be compatible with both Intel XMP and AMD AMP technology. They feature aluminum heat spreaders for maximum cooling. AMD claims you will be able to unlock the full potential of AMD’s Ramdisk with this memory kit.

AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series Ram

AMD RG2133 Gamer Series Ram

Here is what AMD said about the new modules in their press release.

“AMD Radeon RG2133 Gamer Series Memory is armed with features designed to outperform the competition on any task,” said Roman Kyrychynskyi, product director, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “Designed with multi-platform compatibility in mind, the AMD Radeon RG2133 brings cutting-edge technology, as well as uncompromising quality and compatibility for PC gamers.

The newly introduced Gamer Series Memory is composed of high quality components that help deliver top memory performance and reliability. With Dataram, AMD’s memory manufacturing partner, AMD is proud to introduce Gamer Series to its product line up as well as the improved performance of AMD Radeon RAMDisk that allows gaming enthusiasts to load their favorite games significantly faster, saving time and eliminating frustrations4.

“AMD and Dataram have worked together to significantly enhance the dynamic background load-and-save feature in order to create a seamless, non-volatile RAMDisk experience,” said Jason Caulkins, CTO, Dataram. “This underscores AMD and Dataram’s continued dedication to delivering the highest-performing memory products for PC enthusiasts.”

According to AMD you will be able to buy these memory kits shortly from Newegg. Below is the review from Newegg TV about the kits.



  • Support for both XMP and AMP Technology to support compatibility across multiple platforms.
  • Aluminum heat spreaders
  • Rated at 1.65V but will run at 1.5V
  • Dual and Quad channel compatible
  • 30 mm low profile modules
  • Stock running at 10-11-11-30

Currently Newegg is selling the 16GB kits for about $155 which is mid range for high end ram kits but looks to have pretty good headroom for overclocking and AMD claims you can get the 7’s for latency when overclocked.


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