AMD Richland APU Release Date & Pricing Leaked

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AMD Richland APU Release Date & Pricing Leaked

It wasn’t long ago that we reported on the AMD Richland APU release date, but at that point the time frame was only “June”.  However, today it seems like the guys over at ChipLoco got some inside information that specifies the Richland APU release date and pricing.  AMD will be releasing a total of five Richland series APU, each with its only specific internal GPU.

AMD Richland APU Release Date & Pricing for Desktop APUs

AMD Richland APU Release Date & Pricing - Spec sheet

Intel versus AMD APU Comparison

Where ChipLoco got the above image, I’m not entirely sure.  It appears to be some sort of marketing image prepared by AMD to showcase their speed, benchmarks, and competitive pricing by directly comparing it to Intel processors.  The high-end unlocked A10-6800K will only cost you a modest $142, while still being able to push 4.4Ghz, and is capable of handing most games on low or medium settings.

The 3dMark Fire Strike scores for the A10-6800K and the A10-6700 are nearly equivalent to a system running a FX-6100 and a HD7790.  The cost of the Hd7790 is roughly the same as the cost of the A10-6800K.  So, if you’re in the market for a modest gaming build, or perhaps just a high-end HTPC build, the A10-6800K could be your answer.

It should be noted that Intel’s 4th generation i7 processors have been marketed as having 2x to 3x times 3dMark performance scores than the chips listed above.  So the scores we see for the i5-3470 could quickly double or triple once Haswell is released.  Of course the cost of the Haswell processors will likely be double that of the best AMD APU, and probably won’t exceed AMD in terms of graphics performance.

The new Richland APU’s are slated for release on June 4th, 2013.  Products are still not available for pre-order.  We’ll keep you post when they are!




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