AMD Shows off completely silent A10-5700 System

Completely Silent AMD System

AMD and Asus teamed up to produce a completely silent, 100% fanless system.  As someone who is pretty hardcore into HTPC’s, this has got me pretty excited!

AMD Japan teamed up with ASUS to display a concept 100% fanless (silent) HTPC build to buyers at Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics shopping district. The build uses Streacom FC5 chassis with a CPU base modified for socket FM2. The base conducts heat from the processor using four copper heat pipes to the aluminum chassis, which doubles up as a heatsink. The build utilizes AMD A10-5700 APU, ASUS F2A85-M Pro micro-ATX motherboard based on AMD A85X chipset, 8 GB of AMD-certified DDR3-1866 MHz memory, and Corsair Force GT SSD. The concept build shows buyers that AMD’s “Trinity” APUs are ready, willing, and able to power silent HTPC builds.

Completely Silent AMD System

The chasis itself looks completely awesome, fitting in with almost anyones home entertainment set up.  Should blend in nicely.  Sounds like it has a nice amount of power behind it too!


Source: TechPowerUp, original source (In japanese)

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