ASUS BIOS Updates for Ivy Bridge-E x79 Goes Live

Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU ASUS x79 BIOS Update

If you have been thinking about upgrading to the new Intel Ivy Bridge-E processors come September and already own an ASUS x79 chipset motherboard you can go ahead and download and install the BIOS update. The updates went live on ASUS’ website to begin downloading. With the new BIOS update for the x79 socket LGA 2011 motherboards will be support for the Intel’s Core i7-4960X extreme edition, Core i7-4930K, and Core i7-4820K processors.

ASUS x79 Motherboards supported

  • ROG Rampage IV Extreme motherboard gets BIOS revision 4206
  • ROG Rampage IV Formula motherboard gets BIOS revision 4004
  • ROG Rampage IV Gene motherboard gets BIOS revision 4206
  • Sabertooth TUF x79 motherboard gets BIOS revision 4104
  • Other mainstream x79 motherboards get BIOS revision 4104

You can download the specific update to your motherboard on ASUS’ website as well as any that may follow for better compatibility with your motherboard for Intel Ivy Bridge-E.

Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU ASUS x79 BIOS Update

Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPU

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