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In the Content Writer Internship with ModCrash, you will be able to write and publish articles dealing with PC News, Hardware and Gaming. Get high exposure and build your portfolio and most of all have fun writing about what you love.

Perks can include free computer gear / hardware, swag, and free admission to conventions
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nVidia Geforce 332.21 WHQL Drivers Released

Nvidia GeForce 332.21 Drivers Released

New nVidia Geforce 332.21 WHQL Drivers Released

Nvidia’s 332.21 WHQL drivers have been released today.  With what seemed to have been a rocky time in drivers for nVidia recently, the nVidia 332.21 series is hopeful.

With the nVidia Geforce 332.21, new WHQL features for SLI Profiles are added for the following games:

Assetto Corsa
Eve Online
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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nVidia R331 Driver Released

Nvidia GeForce 332.21 Drivers Released

The nVidia R331 Driver looks to be the most promising stable driver that has been released in months. nVidia says that it is an essential update for Battlefield 4 and Batman Arkham Origins.  We are fully testing this driver right now, and will keep you updated as to the nVidia R331 performance.

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Build a Gaming PC: Recommended Parts October 2013

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