Released Video of Battlefield 4 Battlelog Features

Battlefield 4 Battlelog

If you have been wondering how Battlefield 4 Battlelog is going to function then here ya go. A video has been released about the official features you will see.  We all have come to know Battlefield 3’s Battlelog as a way to check achievements, track progress, find games, and be able to join friends in games. Well from the video released it looks like Battlelog has been been expanded to work with your mobile devices to help you out.  You will be able to have more freedom using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to either change settings, look at stats, or see what your friends are doing but the biggest thing is using say a tablet as a second screen to command a squad. You will be able to see a map and where your friends are with the ability to set attach points for your squad. You can change your loadouts while you are waiting to respawn or pick the next server you want to play on while waiting. Next you will also be able to setup missions to basically keep track of who is the best for certain vehicles that will update you when you take the lead or one of your friends do. Lastly is what is being called “Geo Leaderboards” which will let you track to see how good you are in an actual geographical area such as your city, state, or country.

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Video

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Devices

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Devices


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