Best Free PC Games of the Month – January 2014

The holidays are over, the gifts have been unwrapped, and your copy of Battlefield 4 has lost its once-new-and-amazing sparkle (hey, you can only C4 so many helicopters until it starts to get old). You’re looking for something new, but damn if your wallet isn’t still recovering from the holiday spend-fest. You need something exciting and free, and ModCrash is here to help you out! We will try to include a range of genres to placate just about every type of gamer. Here is this month’s roundup of the best free PC games to tide you over until Elder Scrolls Online comes out; and speaking of which, if you haven’t already (what are you doing with your life?!), sign up for the beta here.

Best Free PC Games of the Month – January 2014

1. Black Mesa – FPS

Black Mesa Gameplay Screenshot - Free PC Games

Black Mesa Gameplay Screenshot

Is there any old FPS game as memorable and well-made as the 1998 classic Half-Life? Half Life 2 won game of the decade at the 2012 VGAs, so we’ll say probably not. Black Mesa is a 3rd party remake complete with new voices, levels, textures, soundtrack, sound effects, and character and weapon models. Gordan Freeman is still the hero, and much of the game is recognizable, but if you’re like me and are saddened by the lack of a new Half Life coming anytime soon, you will definitely want to give this game a spin. It’s got action, beauty, nostalgia, and fun all in one.

Links to play: Steam client, Game download




2. Geo GuessrStrategy

Geo Guessr Gameplay Screenshot - Free PC Games

Geo Guessr Gameplay Screenshot

Geo Guessr is a game unlike many, but falls best into the strategy category. Their slogan is “Let’s explore the world!”, and you do just that. Using Google technology, the game drops you in a random location, and your mission is figuring out just where the heck you are! You can be started literally anywhere in the world, and use Street View to look for hints like street signs, billboards, stores, and scenery to complete your task. While there obviously isn’t much action to speak of, this is a great game to exercise your sleuthing skills, and to explore different areas of the world as you would a lost stranger. I spent lots of time simply looking around, enjoying the various landscapes and building styles. Not to mention that I am a complete n00b when it comes to finding my way around, so I feel like my directional skills get a workout when I play. This is a browser based game, so all you need to enjoy this one is your internet connection.

Links to play: Game site



3. Star Trek Online – MMO

Star Trek Online Screenshot - Free PC Games

Star Trek Online Screenshot

Getting tired of killing boars in WoW? Give Star Trek Online a shot. This was once a subscription game, but has switched to the popular free-to-play model, with pay options that don’t handicap your game if you don’t purchase them. Space combat and ground missions are the base of gameplay, and there is plenty of flying and action to keep spaceship lovers and shooters alike happy. The graphics are surprisingly good for a free MMO, the universe is huge, and a lot of fun is had in customization. This is the officially licensed Star Trek online game, so those of you familiar with the Star Trek world will notice plenty of references and nuances. The game was released in 2010, and since then many improvements have been made to gameplay and bugs worked out. Definitely a better choice for die-hard Trekkies, but perfectly fun for everyone else too.

Links to play: Official registration



4. King’s Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human – Adventure

King's Quest III Redux Gameplay Screenshot - Free PC Games

King’s Quest III Redux Gameplay Screenshot

Let me preface this by saying: I LOVE KING’S QUEST. I first discovered King’s Quest V when I was little, and honestly I don’t even remember how it ended up in my collection. But it was my 2nd favorite game (Curse of Monkey Island, anyone?), and it took me years to get to the end before you could just go on Google and find a walkthrough for any game. The games were very advanced for their time and featured gorgeous (albeit MIDI) soundtracks, compelling storylines and characters, and a winning combination of puzzles and point-and-click action. AGD interactive has remade the 3rd installment of the Sierra Games series (along with the first two as well) with help from King’s Quest 3 lead background artist Jon Paul Selwood, in what they call their finest remake ever. You play as original lead-man King Graham’s son (spoiler alert, sorry) who is being held captive by an evil wizard. Much adventure ensues, and I won’t spoil any more of the story for you. This one is a great throwback to old games, without having to suffer through the old, pixelated graphics of the true original.

Links to play: AGD Download Page


5. Cry of Fear – Horror

Cry of Fear Gameplay Screenshot - Free PC Games

Cry of Fear Gameplay Screenshot

I’m not much of a fan of horror games (DOOM excluded, of course). Cry of Fear is a game I will play for hours and enjoy. It began as a bold Half Life 1 mod (Half Life seems to be our shining star today) and turned into a full-fledged stand alone game. So don’t worry, this definitely isn’t Half Life. It can be a bit buggy but the positives outweigh the negatives, and who can complain about some bugs in a free game? You play as Simon, a man wandering the streets of an abandoned Scandinavian town looking for answers and slowly descending into madness. The graphics are nothing to write home about (think Half Life 1), but the eerie and well done atmosphere, the perfectly placed music and sound effects, and the single and co-op modes make this game a winner. It takes a lot to scare me in a game, and I was jumping out of my seat within the first 5 minutes.

Links to play: Cry of Fear Download Page, can also be downloaded via Steam



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