Castle Crashers Indie Game Review

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Castle Crashers Game Review

During a party, the knights are rocking out. The part abruptly ends as a fellow knight falters down and lies unconscious at the bottom of the steps. The Knights runs upstairs and heads towards the King’s Hall. The King is shivering in his throne, as an evil wizard steals his crystal. The evil wizard makes a quick exit. The King screams at the Knights to retrieve the crystal. The Knights head out passing fallen ruins and comrades. Upon exiting the castle, the Knights fear the worst. Their maidens are getting carried away by evil creatures. The real quest begins.

Castle Crashers

Genre: Action, Adventure

Developers: Behemoth

Release Date: September 26, 2012

Last Update: Summer 2013

Regular Price:  $14.99                                                 Lowest Price: $3.74

Castle Crashers Gameplay:

The game takes its players back to side scrolling adventures. The basics of is old school hack and slash. Scroll your way through enemies and boss fights. The enemies you face range from simple minions to unusual bosses. The fights itself are somewhat challenging. Boss fights are a great intermission from the hack and slash play style. Castle Crashers breaks the monotonous gameplay with some level surprises.

The controls to Castle Crashers are simple. They are jump, attack, cast spells, and block. Characters level up as the game progresses, unlocking combos and stat points.  To add some depth, Castle Crashers has some customizations towards your character. Players can add points towards their characters stats, Attack, Defense, Magic, and Agility. There is also an abundant amount of unique weapons to choose from. Nothing is more fun slaying your enemies with a carrot sword.

Keys to the Game:

Invite, Enjoy, and Rated E

Invite: Online is fun…

Move over consoles, Castle Crashers is bringing couch multiplayer to computer gamers. Castle Crashers is leading the way where multiple people can play the same game on one single computer, with ease. No more sharing keyboards, the game has a support for controllers. The game allows for 4 players total. Grab your favorite friends, couch, controllers, and snacks; let the fun begin.

Computer gamers can now invite their console friends over. Or go with the usual online multiplayer mode.

Enjoy: Prepare your couch cushions

For hours and hours, you and your friends can enjoy this game. This game is up there for marathon game play. Stock up on soda, order that pizza, and designate a time for bathroom breaks, it’s going to be a long night.

The game focuses on co-op game play. I use the term co-op loosely, let’s get realistic. Any game which involves multiplayer, especially with friends, there will be some tension. Although everyone is playing towards the same goal, there still is some competitiveness and some tom foolery to be had. What makes friendships better is some screaming and trash talking. Maybe you threaten not to revive the guy who continuously dies. Make him beg for it. Or your friends yelling at you for doing helicopter spins while they fight the boss. Maybe you try to knock that controller out of the guy selfishly gathering all the health and gold.

The game undoubtedly is fun, but enjoying it with your friends takes it to the next level.

Rated E: E is for everybody

The game itself is not meant to break barriers in graphics or entice its audience with its unique game play. What it does right is attract players from all generations. Many older generations yearn for that old school play style, while the current generation crave multiplayer, and the younger ones just want something just fun. This game has all of the above.

Older generations will be reminded of their childhood memories of those side scroll game play. Current generation will love the multiplayer; trash talking is a second language to online gamers. The young ones will love its cartoon and simplicity.

Castle Crashers is the perfect game to break the generation barrier.


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