Castle Crashers Indie Game Review

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Castle Crashers Summary:


  • Controller Support: What makes this game great is its controller support which goes along with game play style. Sitting on a couch and using a controller just feels right.
  • Characters and Items: The game has unlockable characters, over 20 of them. Along with playable characters, the game features a plethora of bad guys. These ranges from your minions to your more out of this world bosses. The game also includes some awesome and “unique” weapons.
  • Non-Linear Gameplay: Although the basics of it seem to be linear, scrolling through and fighting bad guys, Castle Crashers bring a lot of surprises which keeps it interesting. The boss battles are somewhat difficult. There are also some non-linear levels. This keeps the game interesting.
  • Mini-Games: There are two fun mini-games; “All You Can Quaff” and “Arena”. In the “All You Can Quaff” challenge each other in this button mashing mini game. What’s better than whose finding out who’s the best, enter the Arena and find out.


  • Friends: Trying to play the game seems a bit of a grind. Playing online or with real friends makes the game.
  • No Multiple Accounts: The game does not allow for multiple accounts to login in the same computer on Steam. Only the main Steam account will be available to save progress.



This is the first truly multiplayer game on one computer that can rival consoles. There are those games where about 2 people can use the keyboard. And those games are just awkward to play being so close to each other. What makes this game even better is its controller support. This is why it truly rivals consoles.

It’s also one of the few games which can be played by all ages. The gameplay and controls are very simple. The multiplayer will entice the gamers, while the gameplay will bring back older generations back. The game itself does not get boring. It provides interesting enemies, unique weapons, and exciting gameplay.

The game’s biggest quality is also its biggest drawback. Playing this game by yourself seems meaningless. Having a controller is a must if you decide to play with your friends.

Castle Crashers is a great value game to keep for a rainy day. If your friends are over and need some time to waste, pull this game out.

Castle Crashers Game Review

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