Delidding Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell: A How To

Delidding Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell: A How To Slider

Warning: Delidding your CPU will void your warranty.

The modifications in the following article were performed by experienced individuals that acknowledge they were voiding their warranties by delidding. Accordingly, and the ModCrash team must insist that no one attempt to recreate the modification explained below unless you understand the risk you assume. By reading past this warning you are
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ModCrash Mechanical Keyboard Buyers Guide

ModCrash’s Guide on finding the right Mechanical Keyboard!

So you have heard of mechanical keyboards and now you are looking for information on what the differences are and which one you should buy. Well this guide is going to explain keyboard terminology, what are mechanical keyboards, why would you want them, and the differences between the
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Monsoon Compression Fittings: Don’t forget the O-Rings!

Hey guys, f1ss1on here with a tip that will be sure to save any headaches you may have when using the Monsoon Compression fittings.

Yesterday was my second time ever using the Monsoon compression fittings while setting up a loop in a new rig, and to my surprise, the o-rings that seal the connections were not already in place as they had been when I previously used them.