Intel Haswell-E to bring DDR4 and Octa-core CPUs

Intel Haswell-E

Intel Haswell-E Roadmap Was Leaked Exposing DDR4 Support and Octa-core CPUs

Intel Haswell-E details were recently leaked out exposing the roadmap for DDR4 support, and both eight and six core CPUs. Intel Haswell-E CPUs will be a direct replacement for the current 4th generation I7’s, meaning they’ll be supported by the current Z79 motherboards.

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AMD hUMA, New Sophisticated Memory Architecture for APUs

AMD Fusion

AMD hUMA, New Sophisticated Memory Architecture for APUs

AMD hUMA written by Sasa Marinkovic, the Senior Marketing Manager for AMD and letting us know the benefits and improvements that AMD is doing to better their line of APUs.

Over the past 50 years, we’ve seen our computers make significant advancements; they are faster, smaller and lighter. Despite these important improvements, the way
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