Cooler Master Shows off Glacer 360L CPU Cooler at CES 2014

Cooler Master 360L CPU Cooler

Cooler Master is showing the Glacer 360L all in one liquid cooler at CES 2014. This CPU cooler is the big brother to the Glacer 240L and is an “exclusive design by Cooler Master” so one would assume that Swifttech’s design and technology did not go into this cooler.

Cooler Master Glacer 360L Features

  • Copper water block
  • 3500 RPM pump system
  • 360 mm radiator
  • Three 120 mm fans
  • “Upgradable”

Cooler Master is saying that the Glacer 360L is mainly a CPU cooler, but can be “upgraded to cool other components”.Pricing for the new cooler has yet to be announced and with a $139.99 price tag from Amazon for the Glacer 240L you should expect a price I would think in the $150+ range which would put it on par with basic custom loop kits without the hassle of assembly and the ease of put mounting the radiator and water block on your CPU.

It should be pretty interesting to get the full specs on the Glacer 360L along with what Cooler Master is making the Glacer 360L available to upgrade to. The Logical choice would be a GPU I would think but hopefully Cooler Master is thinking beyond support of the CPU and GPU since all in on liquid coolers are starting to become the norm to their cooling abilities and the fact they can be leaps and bounds quieter than conventional air coolers depending on the fans that are used. It would be interesting given that this is such a huge radiator if Cooler Master makes this a “modular” all in one liquid cooler of sorts to cater to the weekend gamer as well as the more hardcore custom loop PC builders.

Let us know what you think and would you use this cooler depending on the final features and price?



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