Cooling Configurator by EKWG Helps You Find a Water Block

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Cooling Configurator by EKWG Helps You Find a Water Block

Are you a water cooling enthusiast who likes to keep you computer under water?  EK Water Blocks, one of the leading liquid cooling companies on this planet, has a cooling configurator that can guide you precisely to the right the right water block based on your specific make and model.

How it works

Using the Cooling Configurator is actually quite simple.  To help you understand the process we’ll take you through purchasing a water block for a EVGA GTX 660Ti.


cooling configurator - Choosing your GPU



Obviously the first step in choosing your water block is entering the make and model of the card you need a water block for.  As you can see above, you can type in “EVGA 660 Ti” and find all versions from EVGA including their model number.  Make sure you type it out correctly, the first search I did was for “EVGA 660Ti” and no results were found.


cooling configurator - Choosing your water block



Once you pick your particular GPU, you are brought immediately over to the next page where you can find the water block type you wish to purchase.  There are even more options below the ones displayed, but these contained all the information we need to cover in this guide.  If we were to show the entire page in the picture above, there are probably an additional 15 water blocks to choose from.  I’ll cover the compatibility column later down the article, I feel it’s an important part of the buying process.



How to choose a water block



Clicking on the EK waterblock model number will display an image of the waterblock you’re looking to purchase.  In the image above we choose the EK-FC670 GTX – Acetal model.  We liked to look so decided to move on with choosing our fittings.


Cooling Configurator - Choosing your fittings




Once you’ve picked the water block you can head to the bottom of the page to pick the fittings you’d like to have with that water block.  There are plenty of options to choose from.   Also displayed is your final total in Euros.  There was no extra charge for the fittings from what I could tell.



how to choose a water block


So the compatibility column.  As pictured above, the compatibility status can differ depending on physical check by EK, or customer feedback.  Products with the “Visual” compatibility status simply mean EK has looked over the design and determined their water blocks will work with that particular card.  While we didn’t immediately see a water block with the “Customer” or “Physical” status, I wouldn’t doubt these water blocks compatibility with your card.




How to find your water block


Clicking on the shopping cart icon next to the water block model will take you back to the EKWB website, where you can view additional information, pictures, and even an installation manual.  The installation manual is rather descriptive, and includes plenty of pictures to help you install your water block appropriately.


So What’s the Cons?

Well for starters, the only pricing we’re able to see is in Euros.  For us in the United States or any other country, that means heading over to an authorized re-seller to get the same product.  Fortunately for us in the United States there are quite a few, and EK Water Blocks list re-sellers on their webpage for every country.  In fact every pricing I’ve seen so far is actually cheaper for us in the US, then it is in Europe oddly enough.  The same water block we searched for earlier is only $105.12 on Amazon, versus $111.36 if we converted Euros to the US Dollar on

I was also a little disappointed in the lack of physically confirmed water blocks, in fact I went through different brands, makes, and models, and still was unable to find a single one confirmed by a customer or by EKWB.  I don’t doubt their abilities in knowing what water block is compatible, it just seems as if they’re scaring away potential customers with their choice of wording here.

To find out more about the EKWB Cooling Configurator, be sure to visit their site and test  it out.

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