Delta Six – The Last FPS Controller You Will Ever Need

Ready for a new kind of warfare with the Delta Six Controller?

Gamers these days are looking for the newest excitement, thrills, and realism when it comes to either PC or console gaming. Part of that comes from controls and how we can send our input into a game to give us an edge over our opponent. Back in the days when Nintendo reigned above all we had the Zapper gun and got to hunt our favorite animals at the time ducks. Well in today’s games we crave realism to show us far away lands and battlefields from the jungles to deserts. PlayStation has released their move controller primarily to used with KillZone and now we have the Delta Six invented,designed, and made by David Kotkin who is trying to get the controller funded though Kickstarter.

So Let me introduce the Delta Six to you!

Delta Six Controller

Delta Six Controller

The Delta Six is a gun acting as a controller but not the other way around in some of the other third party controller made for our beloved FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty series of games. This is a rocking controller that if delivered as they describe it will put everything else to shame. Let us go over some of the features that the Delta Six will have.


The differences between this FPS controller and any other is how you will be able interact with the controllers. The Delta six will have real recoil and gives you ability to tap the magazine for reload, move the stock to melee,  sensors let you zoom in when looking down the barrel, and a realistic feel and look of a real firearm. Also according to the Delta Six kickstarter their will be a an orange tip at the end with an optional white tip. As you can see from the picture you have a folding butt stock, buttons, a place to plug in a headset, and lets not forget a trigger. You will also be able to choose right or left handed when they start production so all everyone will be able to have use this comfortably.

Now one of the things that have been teased is the inclusion of a grenade launcher and silencer if their kickstarter hits certain goals.  Here is a teaser.

About the inventor of the Delta Six David Kotkin

David Kotkin is not new to building controllers or kickstarter. He is known for previously making the Def-Con F4 Avenger which has been a success selling thousands of units and the “Go Duster” which sold 2 million units. With both of those products having success it would seem David knows exactly what he is doing.

What systems will the Delta Six Work on?

The Delta Six kickstarter has stated that it will work on current generation consoles and PC. The Delta Six is meant to work wireless with consoles and will be ready to work on the next generation console Xbox One and PS4. You will be able to plug it in though USB since they do want an open source system so users can program and reprogram the Delta Six.

The only questions I have left is how it will map your screen if that is even an issue. The original goal to build this controller was at $100,00 but currently they are looking at hitting a $300,000 goal with about $132,000 and 3 days to go. I assume more information will be released once their kickstarter is over and it goes into production and we will try to keep everyone up to day about it.

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