EK Water Blocks Developing FC Water Block for Radeon HD 7990 (Malta)

EK Water Block

EK Water Blocks Developing EK-FC7990 SE FC Water Block for Radeon HD 7990 (Malta)

EK-FC7990 SE

EK Water Blocks, one of the leading water cooling equipment manufacturers is developing an FC (full cover) water block, part # EK-FC7990 SE, to be used on the AMD Radeon HD 7990.  The FC water block will directly cool the GPU, RAM, as well as the VRMs (voltage regulator module).  Water will flow over these heat critical areas allowing the HD Radeon 7990 to remain stable under the highest overclocks.  A unique advantage to the EK-FC7990 SE is the high flow design, which will allow the FC water block to be used in conjunction with weaker water pumps.  Of course, should you have the money to invest in a Radeon HD 7990, and the EK-FC7990 SE, then I’d count on you having the money to by a more efficient pump.

The EK-FC7990 SE FC water block will be available in Copper Plexi, Copper Acetal, Nickel Plexi, and Nickel Acetal.  All four versions will be available for purchase on the EK Webshop as well as from participating resell partners.

But Wait,  There’s Other Options!

The current FC Water Block used on the AMD Firepro S10000 server graphics card, EK-FCS10000, is compatible with the HD Radeon 7990 reference cards.  Should you be inpatient or have the extra funds to purchase the EK-FCS10000 now, you can get your Radeon HD 7990 under water rather quickly, but it’s likely the EK-FC7990 SE FC water block will perform better than this one.

EK-FCS10000 HD 7990 Water Block

 Cooler Configurator and Pre-reference HD 7990 Water Blocks

Don’t have either but still want a EK Water block?  Well EK has a cooler configurator we reported on earlier, that can help you find the water block tailored to your specific card.

If you happen to have one the older HD 7990s developed before the reference card was released on April 24th, EK water blocks already have FC waterblocks available for those cards.  You can purchase them from Hellfire PC (a certified EK Water Block reseller) here for about $40 cheaper than what they’re for sale for on the EK Webshop.


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