EKWB Launches EK-BAY D5 Vario Pump/Res

EKWB Adds new pump and reservoir to lineup!


EKWB has launched their new pump/res, the EK-BAY D5 Vario. According to EKWB the EK-BAY Dr Vario is a, “EK-BAY RES D5 is a high-performance hydraulically improved pump top (volute) for D5 series water pump with integrated reservoir in a two-slot 5.25″ drive bay form factor.”

EKWB states that they designed this pump/res combo so that you can use it in your probably empty 5.25″ bays to save space if you have a smaller case but still want to run a custom loop. The EK-BAY D5 Vario is made from POM Aceral material. Below are the rest of the features of the EK-BAY D5 Vario but EKWB has made two versions. One includes both the pump and res while the other is only the res by itself.

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario Pricing

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario – Pump & Res – € 148.95

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario – Pump Only – € 84.95

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario Features

Two G1/4 threaded ports which allow for installation of virtually any G1/4 threaded fitting / barb. EK recommends EK-CSQ series compression fittings. This unit also features one G3/8 threaded port on the top of the reservoir which serves as a fill port for the system.

Integrated anti-cyclone made from acrylic glass effectively prevents excessive vortex formation when using in low hydraulic restriction loops.

EK-BAY RES D5 is designed around anti-vibration rubber mounting system. This floating design effectively silents this pump / reservoir setup by de-coupling it from the rest of the computer chassis.

Front cover is made of quality acrylic glass. Mounting mechanism and easy to follow installation guide are included.

– EK-BAY RES D5 unit
– mounting mechanism
– installation manual

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario Pump/Res Combo

EKWB EK-BAY D5 Vario Pump/Res Combo

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