Elder Scrolls Online Leaked 20 Minute Gameplay Video (Live link – Updated 4/17/2013)

Elder Scrolls Online Leaked 20 Minute Gameplay Video

Search for Elder Scrolls Online Leaked, and you’ll find an abundance of dead video links.  However, if you’re like me and jumped to YouTube the second you saw a link for Elder Scrolls Online Leaked, you already by now that all videos there have also been removed.  I spent some time last night to find a new source, but by the time I went to post it up this morning it was removed from Vimeo as well.  So I’ve finally been able to find yet another link to the video.  This link appears to be Russian, and hopefully that will somehow save it from being taken down.

The Elder Scrolls Online leaked video isn’t quite end game content, however I think it gives us a fair understanding of what game play will be like.  The player “Worst Youtube” takes us through user creation, and the beginning gameplay yet leaves us wanting more.  He shoots a few fireballs, swims a bit, and does a few other things to show us what the game is capable of.  Personally, I didn’t care much about the 5 minutes of beard styles in the beginning, but I was thrilled to see it looks rather solid for a game still in development.

Obviously by now you probably aren’t reading this and should be watching the video.  So get to it!  I know i’m excited, and the game looks really promising.  Maybe in the future we’ll see “Elder Scroll Online leaked end game footage”.  I’m curious to see what you’ll be able to do once your character is built up.

Video updated 4/17 @ 9:41 AM Central Time.

The leaked videos have been taken down, however you can still see the video here.


The game is set to release Dec 31st, 2013 according to Amazon.  If you pre-order now and select 2nd day shipping you’ll have it at your door step on release day!


If the link somehow goes dead, let me know!  I’ll do my best to keep a live link up as long as I can, but sometimes I just get carried away in a solid game of Battlefield 3 and don’t notice the link going dead!




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