Forza Motorsport 5: Why I have to buy it

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Forza 5

Forza Motorsport 5: Why I have to buy it [Spoiler: Pictures on page 2]

Before I get into why I need to have Forza Motorsport 5, I’ll give you a little background.

Since racing is one of my absolute favorite genres, I have played so many racing video games in my life. I’m sure I blew through hundreds of dollars at the arcades on titles like Pole Position, Daytona USA, and Out Run when I was younger. I saved the majority of my racing gameplay for the arcade at that age, but I remember the moment when I really started to get into racing on a home console. We had nothing close to Forza Motorsport 5 back then. It was 1998 and my dad bought me and my brother a copy of Jet Moto (Jet Rider to those in Europe) for the PlayStation. I know the game came out in the US in 1996, but we didn’t get the PlayStation until sometime later. It wasn’t a typical racer because in place of a car you would steer a hover bike that looked like a jet ski.

Nevertheless, the Jet Moto series of games got me hooked on racing games forever. They were truly exciting and they had a turbo button and unique physics in the way that you could interact with the levels. I owned and played many others after it, but it wasn’t until 2001 on a PlayStation 2 that I was really floored by a racing game. Gran Turismo 3 came out and I thought those were just the greatest graphics I had ever seen on a console. The game was so much fun and it had nearly all of my dream cars playable at the time. Looking back it wasn’t realistic, but it felt very challenging and rewarding to work through all the races. (An example of how unrealistic it was would be the Dodge Viper in this game handling better than a Corvette in the same match!)

I wasn’t spoiled with more realistic physics and a truly visceral feeling until Forza Motorsport 2 (2007) on the Xbox 360.

However, even this game paled in comparison to its successor Forza Motorsport 3 (2009). Forza 3 marked a point where I was probably the happiest with a racing game. I played this game all the time until the disc failed to read. Everything about the game felt sharp and refined and the only downside this game had was the way the cars handled. Cars that typically were known for understeer seemed to have a bit tighter handling than one would expect and cars that were typical to have serious oversteer were a bit more forgiving than they should have been. Even with its faults, this was and still is a fantastic game.

I’m not brand-loyal to Xbox 360 or any console for that matter…

I just never bought a racing game for the PS3 until Gran Turismo 5 and arguably it was worse than Forza 3. Visually, I liked GT5 a lot and the audio was quite a bit better too, but it lacked somehow in gameplay. I’m not going to sit and go through all the details because I’m sure you probably felt the same and I’m also sure that most sites will have it scored lower than Forza 3. To be honest, GT5 was actually the last racing game I purchased for a console so you can see I never truly gave up on it. I did get to play Forza 4 plenty though, at friends’ apartments, and I feel like they hit it out of the ballpark with that title. I really didn’t have a good excuse not to buy it aside from being low on money so I’m surprised I never got around to it. It was visually stunning and the cars all drove almost exactly the way I expected them to. The cars were immaculate, as were the paintjobs, and light reflectivity. The vehicles looked so perfect that they appeared almost fake.

And this is where Forza Motorsport 5 comes in.

Instead of taking every tiny ripple in the paint and every machined blemish on a disc brake and making them appear smooth as butter, they have actually gone in and reworked the texture at such an impressive micro-level. Forza developer Turn 10 approached Forza Motorsport 5 in a whole new direction from Forza 4. They have now captured the subtle imperfections in car manufacturing that make an in-game car appear photo realistic. To be frank, they made “perfect” even more perfect.

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