G.Skill TridentX 3000Mhz Extreme DDR3 Speed Ram Released

G.Skill TridentX Released as Worlds Faster Ram Modules

G.Skill TridentX series of ram now holds the distinction of being the worlds fastest ram on the market at 3000 Mhz. The G.Skill TridentX series will have many variations but the flagship 3000 Mhz will be a 32GB kit consisting of 4×8 GBs modules. The TridentX series were built to be used with Intel Haswell CPUs and Z87 chipset for maximum performance according to G.Skill.

G.Skill TridentX Ram

G.Skill TridentX Ram

G.Skill has also gone further than most memory companies by setting up and releasing screenshots of them testing their new TridentX 3000 Mhz Ram. Below is a screenshot of the ram passing Memtest Pro using an Intel i7-4770k CPU and ASUS Maximus VI Extreme motherboard. Voltage of the ram for the test was at 1.65V to show voltages do not need to be cranked up to achieve maximum speed.

G.Skill TridentX Ram

MemTest Pro

As I stated earlier in the article the G.Skill TridentX will be a full line series from 8GB to 32GB kits that range form 2666 Mhz to 3000 Mhz. Every set in the TridentX series will be XMP certified for Intel Haswell and the Z87 chipset. G.Skill TridentX series will also have lifetime warranties.

List of G.Skill TridentX Series Ram Kits

G.Skill TridentX Ram

G.Skill TridentX Series List

As you can see they offer various different kinds of TridentX kits for your needs with different timings that are 12-13-13-35 or 12-14-14-35. If you are looking for a new ram kit for your shiny new Haswell processor and z78 motherboard then these could be a way to go with G.Skill’s overclocking and reliability reputation. Prices have not been released but one could assume it will be easily in the $200-400 range.


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