GX Gaming GX-Control Mouse Pad Darklight Edition Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

If you are a frequent user of ModCrash then you might know that I love my FPS games. While I like playing all the roles in Battlefield or other games its always fun to be the sniper, just reach out and touch someone and sometimes its hard to get that head shot so every little bit can help in the heat of 32 v 32 battle. I wouldn’t say that having this mouse pad gives me an above and away advantage but I do notice a very slight difference compared to the CM Storm Power-RX and the GX-Speed mouse pads. While the mouse pad is still smooth it does have some slight give which when I drop my DPI from 2000 to say 600 makes it easier to move one pixel to line up those 1000+ meter shots. Also you have the advantage of the size of it. Its not overly huge so it should fit on ones desk with issues but gives you so much more freedom. I use two monitors so while I typically leave my DPI at 2000 on my mouse to quickly be able to go across both screens in one movement its nice to not have to lift your mouse up because you have run out of real estate. Overall I really do like the product and if you are in the market for a real mouse pad check this one out since the price tag is about $10-15 less than Cooler Master or Razer for their gaming mouse pads depending on where you go.

GX Gaming GX-Control Mouse Pad – Darklight Edition

ModCrash Editors Choice


  • Lots of real estate
  • Very smooth
  • Design is nice and simple
  • It is as advertised
  • Price


  • If you are in a dusty area it will show up easy
  • Enlarged pad size: 450 x 370 mm with a 3 mm thickness
  • Trim overstitch edges provides anti-fraying and durability
  • Binding strap for compact storage and travel
  • Slip natural thick rubber for superb surface grip
  • Heavily textured weave for maximum mouse control
  • $12.26
  • Current Price: $12.13
  • Savings: $0.13
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