Halo 5 Release Date, E3 Trailer, and Screenshots

Halo 5 video

Halo 5 Release Date, E3 Trailer, and Screenshots

Halo 5 made a rather large appearance this year at E3 2013.  The Halo series will be returning to exclusively debut on the Xbox One again, leaving some gamers disappointed due to the always on requirements of the new Xbox.  Xbox One disappoints aside, Halo 5 release date is scheduled for 2014.  No exact date was given during E3, however we will likely see a summer launch due to the success of the Halo series.


Halo 5 E3 Trailer

The following trailer was shown this year during the pre-show to E3 2013.  It doesn’t give a lot of insight into Halo 5, nor does it confirm that the game will even be called Halo 5.  Either way, the man we see in the video is either Master Chief, or his twin brother… so we’re just going to call it Halo 5 for now.

Here’s a few screenshots from the E3 video showing a cracked helmet on a robed Master Chief, and him holding what appears to be a necklace of some sort.

Halo 5 Necklace

What’s is he holding here? It looks like a necklace.

Halo 5 Video

Again, he’s grasping something what looks like a necklace.

Halo 5 video

Cracked glass over his face shield




Little detail about the game were released during E3 2013.  The game is still shrouded in much mystery, yet little hints are found through the video that leave you guessing, or at least fantasizing about what is to come in the Halo series.  Does this video mean anything to you, or do you see something that we don’t?  Let us know in the comments!


Halo 5 is being developed by 343 studios, who recently developed Halo: Spartan Assault for mobile devices.  The video can also be found by going to Halo waypoint, where it’s announced as the  Halo Xbox One video.



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