HD 7990 Benchmarks Leaked – Beats the GTX690 & the GTX Titan

hd 7990 benchmark battlefield

HD 7990 Benchmarks Leaked – Beats the GTX690 & the GTX Titan

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen the HD 7990 on ebay, the HD 8970M on ebay, and now the HD 7990 benchmarks have been leaked.  Either AMD is letting things leak on purpose, or they’re doing it for the marketing, either way they’re getting some rather good publicity out of this.  Let’s take a look at what we know about the HD 7990 now that the the HD 7990 benchmarks have been leaked.


HD 7990 Benchmarks

The first leak we found, was from WCCF Tech.  This benchmark was done using 3DMark, and completely kills the GTX 690 and the GTX Titan.  The two columns are for two different presets: Extreme and Performance.

hd 7990 benchmark 1


The second HD 7990 Benchmark we found was from hardware.info, where they put the card to the test in Battlefield 3.  This benchmark was done in 5760×1080, and results typically vary at different resolutions.  However at 5760×1080 it completely demolished any other card on the market.

hd 7990 benchmark battlefield


Diving Deeper

Not just the HD 7990 benchmarks were leaked recently.  We also got a look at the specifications in comparison to other AMD cards.

hd 7990 benchmarks


Most of these spec’s were released earlier last week when we saw the HD 7990 on eBay.  However, one thing that may make you scratch your head is the “Engine Clock”.  The clock speed has been lowered to conserve power.  We already know this card uses 2×8 pin connectors, with a TDP of 375W.  I’m not sure if there was little head room here or what, but AMD felt it necessary to reduce the clock speed to conserve power anyhow.

Regardless of power consumption we can see that this card will be giving Nvidia a run for their money.  However there is already rumors of Nvidia readying their Titan LE and/or their 700 series GPUs here in a few short months.  I’m sure these benchmarks will only add fuel to the fire to the debate over which company has the better video cards.  According to these benchmarks, AMD is now the king.  How long will they keep this crown is the question?



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