Humble Bundle 8 Indie Game Bundle is out!

Humble Bundle 8

Humble Bundle 8 Games are now out!

If you are unfamiliar with then let me give you a quick rundown. The humble bundle offers you indie games at a severely discounted price but its not for profit but charity. You can choose how much you pay for the games which could be $0.01 up to how ever much. Typically they set it up that once it reaches a certain dollar amount then other games are unlocked or you get codes for the games to Steam. Humble Bundle has started doing a new bundle every two weeks and this week started the Humble Bundle 8.

The Humble Bundle 8 will include:

  • Hotline Miami
  • Proteus
  • Little Inferno
  • Awesomenauts
  • Capsized
  • Thomas was Alone
  • Dear Esther

Five of these games are making their debut on Linux for those who are trying to game on there. Now here is the catch to the Humble Bundle 8 and all other Humble Bundles. None of these games you need a DRM to play or use, you can pay $0.01 and download and install them one at a time or you can pay atleast $1.00 and you will get Steam codes to add them to existing libraries. Also to get all 7 games you have to donate atleast the average. At the time of this article the average is $5.68. If you do not want to donate $6, which is fine, you will only receive 5 games which is awesome but for a few dollars more you can pick up additional games.

Humble Bundle 8

Humble Bundle 8

Also the Humble Bundle is offering one more way to get games for donating money. The Humble Bundle weekly sale is something they are doing that is new to also offer games to gamers for a donation. Currently at the time of this article Alan Wake is up for the weekly sale. Now the only catch to this is that this game is avaliable only for Windows users and not any other operating system.


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