Intel Core i7-3910K “Sandy Bridge-E” 6 Core CPU Spotted

Intel core i7-3910k

Rumors are that an Intel Core i7-3910K Sandy Bridge-E is in the making. This CPU should not only blow the i7-4770k away, but your socks as well. The Intel Core i7-3910k is rumored to come with a 3Ghz base clock, 6 cores, and of course be able to be overclocked, hence the K identifier.

Intel Core I7-3910k “Proof”

Yes, I didn’t make a typo. This is going to be an addition to the Sandy Bridge series. The Intel Core i7-3910k appears to be a gap closer between the i7-3820 and the i7-3930k. All details around the pricing, and just who will be able to purchase it, is still unknown. However the sources over at expreview seem to have squashed any chances it was a simple typo.

Intel core i7-3910k

By looking at the image above, you can see the S-spec codes for the Intel processors listed on that list. The Intel Core i7-3910k jsd a unique S-spec code that hasn’t been seen in the wild yet, and matches up to nothing that has already been released or leaked. So the chances of the Intel core i7-3910k becoming an actual release is rather high assuming the above list is factual.


On the hand, this could all be speculation, and the Intel core i7-3910k may have been scrapped long ago. Some guy over at a desk somewhere fell asleep before a deadline, and copied and pasted some old data over while rushing to complete his task in time. Who knows? Either the way, the thought of Intel releasing another Sandy Bridge CPU does seem quite odd. However, given that the Sandy Bridge Intel CPU’s are still rocking it today, I wouldn’t be surprised if Intel decided to milk the Sandy Bridge series just a bit longer until they can prove that Haswell is indeed the next best thing. (Which is isn’t)


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