Intel Haswell-E to bring DDR4 and Octa-core CPUs

Intel Haswell-E

Intel Haswell-E Roadmap Was Leaked Exposing DDR4 Support and Octa-core CPUs

Intel Haswell-E

Intel Haswell-E details were recently leaked out exposing the roadmap for DDR4 support, and both eight and six core CPUs. Intel Haswell-E CPUs will be a direct replacement for the current 4th generation I7’s, meaning they’ll be supported by the current Z79 motherboards.

Current and past generation Intel CPUs we’re only dual or quad core. However, the Intel Haswell-E will be a first 8-core and 6-core CPU from the Intel. Unlike Intel CPUs today, all Intel Haswell-E CPUs will be unlocked to allow overclocking of all 8 or 6 cores. It’s rumored these chips will have up to a 50% performance increase over the Ivy Bridge-E processors, or about a 30%-40% increase over Haswell.

If the ability to overclock 8 cores and put out some solid performance doesn’t get your blood flowing about Intel Haswell-E, how does DDR4 support sound? In case you haven’t heard, DDR4 will be 2 times faster, use 20% less power, and 2 times denser than DDR3.  The extra density means we could see RAM reach an entirely new level of capacity. Data rates are rumored to be around 4000Mhz, or as Crucial put it in the previous article I wrote, DDR4 will be “50%” faster.

The Intel Haswell-E will also support 40 lanes of PCI-E, up to 4 GPUs, and quad channel memory up to 16 threads. So why is latter even mentioned, when we have quad channel today.  Well imagine a world where DDR4 exist, and 16GB or possibly 32GB sticks are the standard. Now imagine that each stick is running on it’s lowest frequency of 4200Mhz. Now do you understand why quad channel is emphasized? As I reported in the past when Haswell first came out, it really seems like DDR4 is Intels secret weapon, and they’re about to deliver the payload with Intel Haswell-E.


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