Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse Redefines Wireless Gaming

Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G602 is the newest gaming mouse from Logitech’s G-Series lineup. Like all peripherals in the G-Series line up, the Logitech G602 was built with gamers in mind. Like all other G-Series releases from Logitech, the G602 is a solid improvement over the old G600. Logitech increased the battery life of this wireless mouse, included an exclusive Delta Zero sensor, and gives you the option to turn it off gaming mode for even more battery life.

Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

Features Packed in the Logitech G602

Possibly one of the most impressive features of the Logitech G602 is it’s ability to switch from Performance mode to Endurance mode. Both modes give amazing battery life regardless if you’re gaming or surfing YouTube. In addition to an incredible battery life, the Logitech G602 comes with 11 programmable controls, DPI adjustment on the fly, and with a never before seen Delta Zero sensor.

Performance Mode

In performance mode the Logitech G602 gets up to 250 hours of battery life while maintaining all gaming features included in the mouse. In performance mode you’re set up for high dpi, and gaming-grade response rate via the USB receiver. But what if you want to stop gaming and surf ModCrash for the next 6 hours? Well, that’s where endurance mode comes in.

Endurance Mode

In endurance mode the power consuming gaming features are turned off. Think of it as more of a power-saving mode rather than endurance. While in Endurance mode, the Logitech G602 can run up to 1440 hours on 2 AA batteries. So if you were to use your mouse 24/7, it would take two months before you needed to replace the batteries. Logitech claims that the 250 hours in Performance mode is 8 times longer than other gaming mouse currently on the market, if that’s true than Endurance mode is around 48 times longer.

Delta Zero Sensor Technology

Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

Other than battery life, one of the biggest upgrades the Logitech G602 received was the newly created Delta Zero sensor. This new sensors uses LED technology which ranges from 250 dpi to 2500 DPI. While we won’t know just how this sensor performs, Logitech seems to think you’ll love it. This direct from Logitech:

Whether flying across the screen or honing in on one pixel, the 2500 DPI sensor responds accurately to your hand movements. The LED-illuminated sensor is designed to go beyond simple eye/hand coordination, diminishing the thinking required to move your character, adjust your scope for sniping, select RTS units, or direct MOBA skill shots.

Macros, Buttons, and Design

The Logitech G602 comes equipped with 11 programmable buttons, DPI on the fly adjustments, and the ergonomic Logitech design that Logitech fans love. One of the highlights of the DPI adjustment system is the ability to hold the DPI button down to temporarily adjust DPI while needing to be more precise. Once you’re finished with that, you can simply release the DPI button to restore the DPI to what you previously had it set to.

  • Up to 250 hours of battery life
  • Power-saving, high-accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology
  • Lag-free gaming-grade wireless, Performance and Endurance modes maximize battery life
  • Long-life buttons rated to 20 million clicks, 11 programmable buttons
  • For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. For more details go through the "System Requirements" mentioned below.
  • $79.99
  • Current Price: $39.99
  • Savings: $40.00

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