Logitech G700S Rechargeable Gaming Mouse


Logitech G700S, a gaming mouse worth revisiting.

I have been a user of the Logitech G700 gaming mouse since it’s release date. Lately, Logitech has released a newer version of this mouse which looks amazing. After seeing the new Logitech G700S gaming mouse, I decided it would be time to review it.

Logitech G700S Aesthetics

Logitech G700S Gaming Mouse Front Side view The Logitech G700s gaming mouse it a right handed mouse. It’s design pretty much cradles in you hand which gives you hours of comfortable gaming. The G700S has 13 programmable keys, and has the ability to be a wireless or wired mouse. Let me assure you, the wireless capabilities of this mouse are incomparable to any other gaming mouse that I have seen yet.

As you can see, the design of the Logitech G700S gaming mouse’s design is meant to fit you your hand which gives you maximum control. The scroll wheel has the ability to spin freely or with a lock that forces it to click spin. The macro buttons on the Logitech G700S are placed in such a position that the user has quick full access to any macro at any time.

Gaming with the Logitech G700S

Personally I am a avid first person shooter type of guy. I mostly play Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops II, so the 1st generation Logitech G700 has been a huge part of my gaming and everyday computer use for the past couple of years. The response time is unmatched so naturally, I was excited to try the next generation Logitech G700S out.  For the most part, the G700S is just like it’s older brother the G700. There are a couple of things that I did notice though with the battery life. Previously I got about 2 days of battery life with moderate gaming. With the G700S, I could get 2 days with heavy gaming. Other than that, the major difference is the appearance. Because the G700 was such a great mouse, to the normal user the G700S just looks much better. All and all, I am happy to have upgraded to the new Logitech G700S.

For sniper shots, I was able to drop my DPI down so low that I had steady control and perfect aim. Headshots became as easy as pie. When I wanted to play more assault, I geared up and put the DPI to 5700 and had minimal mouse movement with the most effectiveness in aim and headshots. I can also say, my K/D ratio improved slightly as well over the previous generation G700 due to the way the G700S handles polling.

From Logitech

Customizable controls
Customizable controls at your fingertips
  • 13 programmable buttons1, individually sculpted so you can play by touch
  • Easily assign any keyboard keystroke or multi-command macro to any button with Logitech Gaming Software
  • Or control your game and mouse’s performance right out of the box with pre-configured button settings—no software required
Stores five game profiles
Stores five game profiles
  • Set and save your unique game profiles in the mouse1
  • Program all 13 buttons across five profiles for individual players or games
  • Bring your setup to other PCs without having to reconfigure your profiles
sensitivity switching
Recharge/data over cable
  • No need to interrupt the game when it’s time to recharge the NiMH AA battery
  • Charges while you play over a single standard micro USB cable
  • Quick-connect design lets you seamlessly switch from wireless to a data-over-cable connection so you never run out of power
Shift your DPI level
Instant in-game sensitivity switching
  • Shift your DPI level with a single button press
  • Record up to five DPI settings per profile—from pixel-precise targeting (200 DPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 8200 DPI)
  • Programmable DPI switching buttons are strategically located right next to the left click button for fast, accurate trigger-finger control
full speed usb
Gaming-grade wireless speed
  • Experience zero delay between your thoughts and actions
  • Full-speed wireless transmits 1,000 data reports per second—eight times faster than standard USB mice
  • Tiny plug-and-forget Nano receiver can stay in your laptop or travel inside your mouse
Ultra-durable, comfortable design
  • Naturally curved grip for maximum comfort during marathon gaming sessions
  • Long-life buttons are rated to endure an amazing 20 million clicks—up to five times as long as most other gaming mice
  • Low-friction feet are tested to last 250 km and glide effortlessly over almost any
gaming laser
Designed for gamers—inside and out
  • High-accuracy gaming laser for better cursor control at any hand speed
  • Dual-mode scroll wheel for click-to-click precision or hyper-fast scrolling through long web pages
  • Advanced surface coatings keep your palm from sticking to the mouse
easy setup
Easy-to-use setup software
  • Use optional Logitech Gaming Software to perfectly match commands to your favorite games
  • Simply drag and drop settings to customize button and tracking profiles for any game
  • Or use pre-configured customizations with automatic game detection of the game you’re playing

Recommended Badge

  • Full-speed USB performance whether wireless or wired: Executes commands up to eight times faster than a standard USB mouse
  • 13 programmable controls: Perform simple commands or intricate macros with a single click of a button
  • Onboard memory: Store up to five ready-to-play profiles
  • Quick-connect USB recharging/data cable: Automatically switches to data-over-cable mode while you're charging for non-stop gaming
  • Laser accuracy for Windows PCs: Gaming-grade precision for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Some profile settings require optional software download for functioning
  • $99.99
  • Current Price: $59.80
  • Savings: $40.19

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