Mad Genius Controller Goes On KickStarter

The controller of the future seeks support.

Mad Genius Controller

The Mad Genius Controller is a universal gaming controller that can connect to any console or PC and provide high definition motion gaming to ANY game. The controller looks and feels like a traditional console controller but its actually two halves joined with magnets. When you separate the two halves, location tracking becomes active and you can then play games with motion, while retaining the full functionality of the existing sticks and buttons. No modifications are required to the software, console or PC.

The motion tracking provided by the controller is incredibly accurate tracking moves down to 1/100th of an inch. Aiming is so precise you have to hold your breath!

The controller will ship with a full set of motion profiles for games, and an editor that allows players to customize or build their own profiles from scratch using a simple drag and drop interface. The team have put several explanatory videos together on their website for more details on how the controller works.

The team at Mad Genius Controllers have taken the project as far as they can in their spare time and now require funding to continue. They have just launched their Kickstarter campaign in an effort to seek sufficient funding to shrink their custom hardware into a chipset and complete the miniaturization of all other components with a plan to bring a quality robust product to market by Fall 2015.

And Yes! The finished product will be Wireless. Check them out at:

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