Microsoft Acquires Rights to Gears of War Franchise

Sorry PlayStation fans, looks like Gears of War won't be coming to the PS anytime soon.

Polish your Lancers, gamers! It was recently announced that Microsoft Game Studios has acquired the rights to the beloved Gears of War franchise. This includes all existing and future games, merchandise, and entertainment. As Gears of War has always been one of the big sellers for Microsoft’s Xbox console, this announcement didn’t come as much of a surprise, but could be a very good thing for the future of the series. Development of the new Gears of War has been granted to Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver, BC. Black Tusk is owned by Microsoft and has been staffed with some of the best in the industry, so that much makes sense. Rod Fergusson, former Director of Production at Epic Games on the Gears of War franchise, will join Microsoft and have a key studio leadership role at Black Tusk Studios. This is a great move to ensure that the games stay true to their original goals and please Gears of War fans. When asked about why Epic Games would hand over the popular franchise to Microsoft, Hanno Lemke, General Manager of Black Tusk Studios, stated in an interview with Xbox Wire:

“Epic has been a tremendous partner to work with, and it has been a privilege for Microsoft to be Epic’s publishing partner and work together to achieve the phenomenal success of the “Gears of War” games.  Epic remains great partners and good friends of Microsoft Studios.  In fact we will collaborate closely with Epic to ensure the inclusion of the Unreal Engine technology into the “Gears of War” franchise going forward remains consistent with the high quality fans have come to expect from the franchise.”

Epic Game Studio's Gears of War

Epic Game Studio’s Gears of War

Microsoft and Gears of War … What could it mean?

This news should come as a happy surprise for fans, as Gears of War: Judgment was supposed to be the last installment in the series (and frankly, it was a disappointing installment, so even better). With the Xbox One recently out, we can speculate that Microsoft will try to use the new Gears of War to elevate the console’s popularity the same way it did for the Xbox 360. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 will still be used for development, so we can only imagine how amazing Gears will look on the Xbox One ‘s highly updated specs. And as we’ve seen in the past, we can assume that there will be a subsequent release for PC gamers. Running the game on today’s computer hardware should definitely be something to look forward to. More news about the latest installment will be released as the year goes on, and the new Gears of War will likely be a feature at E3. Even with the change in development, I personally can’t wait to become a Gear again and hack through wave after wave of Locust. Here’s hoping for the best Gears of War game to date!

Slicing through an enemy in Gears of War

Slicing through an enemy in Gears of War

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