Microsoft to reveal Next Gen Xbox on May 21 2013

Microsoft to reveal Next Gen Xbox on May 21 2013

Microsoft has finally announced what a lot of the gaming community has been waiting for, the next gen Xbox currently dubbed the “Xbox 720”. Microsoft send out invites today to the media to join them on their Redmond, Washington campus on May 21, 2013 for the reveal of the next gen Xbox. Microsoft is also wanting everyone to view this as they reveal it. Microsoft is going to have a live stream of the event on Xbox Live,, and Spike TV will be airing the event live on their channel.

Next Gen Xbox 720

Next Gen Xbox

Now hopefully Microsoft does not pull a Sony and reveal that the next gen Xbox will be revealed at a later date but I don’t suspect that will happen. I am personally hoping to find out all the specifications, compatibility, and hopefully some demos are on display at the Microsoft campus. Due to all the speculation I think anything else would be a let down to all the hype that the next gen Xbox has.

Well it is finally here that we find out what everyone has been wandering about for the past two years when rumored first surfaced that Microsoft was working on a new next gen Xbox and even as someone that play 90-95% of all games on the PC, I am curious to see what is inside the next gen Xbox, how it looks, and how it functions.


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