Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Will Not Work With PC Currently

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft flip flops again about Xbox One Kinect

About a month ago we reported based off a source that the new Xbox One Kinect would indeed be coming to PC sometime after the initial launch of the Xbox One. Even though Microsoft has launched their Xbox One Kinect development program for PC.

Why the Xbox One Kinect can’t connect to a PC

The issue we have found out why the Xbox One Kinect will not be able to directly connected to a PC is that it will not have a USB plug like the first generation Kinect. The new Kinect will have a custom plug that is built to be proprietary to only the Xbox One. Maybe in the future Microsoft will make a converter to plug into a PC like they are going to do for the headsets that came with the Xbox 360 so they can be used on the Xbox One. This doesn’t make sense considering the program the deliberateness of Microsoft changing the connectors.

Microsoft Xbox One Development Program for PC

The development program for the Xbox One Kinect is going to cost $399 for the kit and with it you will get the following per Microsoft.

  • Direct access to the Kinect for Windows engineering team via a private forum and exclusive webcasts
  • Early SDK access (alpha, beta, and any updates along the way to release)
  • Private access to all API and sample documentation
  • pre-release/alpha sensor
  • final, released sensor at launch

Microsoft also said that this is going to be a limited participation program with all applications filled out and completed bu July 31, 2013. If you are interested in the Xbox One Kinect just for the sake of it or to maybe get into the program, Microsoft has released some videos about the kit here.

This is pretty disappointing since the Kinect could open up a new market with the Kinect going to PC. It would seem to me though that it would be a smart move to introduce something to have the Kinect on PCs running windows for all sorts or reasons and especially to help with people using the metro side of Windows 8 if you could introduce gestures over someone monitor to take advantage if you don’t have a touch screen.

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect

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