Monsoon Compression Fittings: Don’t forget the O-Rings!

Monsoon Compression Fittings O-Rings

Hey guys, f1ss1on here with a tip that will be sure to save any headaches you may have when using the Monsoon Compression fittings.

Yesterday was my second time ever using the Monsoon compression fittings while setting up a loop in a new rig, and to my surprise, the o-rings that seal the connections were not already in place as they had been when I previously used them. They were underneath the tool that comes in the 6 pack. Now, how I found out they were not on is that I had setup a complete loop including a GPU outside for a 24hr. leak test. Good thing I did, because there was enough water to re-sink the Titanic. Not really, but water was every where. Upon inspecting the fittings, I noticed that the 0-rings were not on. Luckily, Omning had received his fittings before, and they were packaged the same exact way. Now this made me think that either I had received a previously used (RMA’d) 6 pack that I used in my system, or Monsoon has no consistency in packaging. Either can’t be good. Just to make sure, when I got home, I opened the box that my Monsoon’s came in, and I was right. Mine were not packaged with the o-rings separately. There is a space for them, but there is not a package of o-rings in it.

So guys, if you are using the Monsoon Compression Fittings: Don’t forget the O-Rings! Please check first to make sure that they are on and in place. If not, put them there or you will have a huge mess to clean up.

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