Mushkin Stealth and Redline 2800Mhz DDR3 Kits Launched

Mushkin Stealth

Mushkin Stealth

Mushkin Stealth and Redline 2800Mhz DDR3 kits were launched to continue the Stealth and Redline series RAM modules. The new Mushkin Stealth and Redline kits will come clocked at 2800mhz, contain timing of 12-14-14-35 at 1.6v, and come packed in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB memory kits.

Mushkin Redline

The Mushkin Stealth is being marketed as “designed with value and performance in mind without compromising quality”, while the Mushkin Redline memory kit is designated by its red color, higher performance ridgeback heat sink and great overclocking abilities.

Mushkin Stealth and Redline’s Press Release

“We’re joining a revolutionary wave of performance-enhancing computer parts that offer the benefits of overclocking without the hassle. The new Stealth and Redline memory specs are the ideal choice whether it be for gaming or professionals these new kits pack a punch. ,” said Nicolas Villalobos, Director of Global Marketing at Mushkin Inc. “We want to deliver unrestricted computer performance.”

Availability and Pricing

Both the Mushkin Stealth and the Mushkin Redline memory kits will be on sale this week in North America with world wide distribution scheduled for the end of the month. While pricing is still unknown, five 4 GB sticks of the Mushkin Redline can be found for $157.99 on ebay.


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