Newegg-Sponsored GameCrate Enters the World of Gaming News

GameCrate to feature news, reviews, videos, eSports and more

GameCrate & Newegg is hoping to be the new go-to source for gaming news. The Newegg-backed site will be posting news, reviews, pics, and other goodies related to the world of interactive entertainment. As Newegg is already the go-to source for computer and gaming enthusiasts looking for parts and deals, this site should only help their standing. I know whenever I shop on Newegg, I always look for reviews, benchmarks, etc before purchasing a product. Why have to leave Newegg to find that information? While it’s still a new site, it looks intuitive and well thought out:

GameCrate Homepage

GameCrate Homepage

Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer for Newegg North America commented about the new site, stating that:

“Gamers represent a significant and very active segment of our customer base. GameCrate gives these tech-savvy individuals a place where they can stay current on gaming news and voice their opinions… we want to be more than a shopping destination for our customers and GameCrate is an innovative addition to our community.”

So it seems that Newegg is hoping to be more than just your “shopping destination”, and what they have put out so far looks to be heading in the right direction. Currently the site has a good number of articles about Titanfall, Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny, Project Morpheus, and various other hot gaming topics. The right most area of the site displays daily deals (on Newegg, of course) which could be helpful for penny pinchers like me. There are a few articles about new hardware coming out, and keeping that sort of news coming could easily help boost Newegg’s sales.

Their press release states that GameCrate will enter into eSports territory as well as original video content and forum boards. Whether they will be trying to rival the likes of Kotaku or TechCrunch is anybody’s guess for now. But as Newegg has turned into a hugely popular site and growing community, we can hopefully look forward to a helpful newcomer that fills needed gaps in the gaming news world.

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