Newest CryEngine To Include Native Linux Support

Crytek announced that it will be adding native Linux support to its new engine, to be debuted at this year's Game Developers Conference

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It looks like we’ll be seeing more and more of our favorite penguin soon. Linux users have long been championing for its widespread support in the gaming world, and Valve isn’t the only big company working to make it a reality. Independent game company Crytek is joining the pack: the masterminds behind such beauties as the Crysis and Far Cry series, free-to-play Warface, and Ryse: Son of Rome. CryEngine has held a reputation as one of the best engines to produce extremely realistic and GPU-melting graphics with, so Linux gamers should be excited to see what gorgeous games will be coming to their rigs soon.

CryEngine vs Unreal Engine

CryEngine vs Unreal Engine

Linux In Gaming

People frustrated with Windows and not interested in buying a Mac have always had Linux as a safety net (or just an awesome new OS to mess around with), but if you’re a gamer working with Linux your choices have long been limited. Applications like WINE have helped to bridge the gap, but where is all the developer support? Valve is one of the first big players to enter the field, with their Steam Machines and Linux-based SteamOS getting a lot of hype. It looks like DICE is also interested in getting in on the action, and in being part of EA this may mean that EA as a whole will begin supporting Linux games. Crytek should be an excellent addition to help push the Linux-gaming movement forward. Crysis is still one of the most graphically demanding PC games, and Far Cry 3 took off, garnering a huge fan base and many awards. With only upward momentum from Crytek, we can hope with three huge players in the game already that more and more companies will begin thinking of Linux as a viable gaming platform. If you’re interested in Linux gaming and want to know more about the community and games already out, give this website a visit.

Crytek and Linux at the Game Developers Conference

While the Game Developers Conference expo is not set to begin until March 19th, Crytek has outlined some of what it will be showing attendees. The evolution of the new CryEngine software will likely be at the forefront, which features the brand new Physically Based Shading render pipeline. This uses real-world physics simulations to create even more realistic lighting and materials. With CryEngine already host to some of the best looking games, it will be exciting to see how much they can improve in this new engine. Crytek will also be inviting attendees to try out the free to play shooter Warface, and its newest soon-to-be-released iOS and Android game, The Collectables. Crytek will also be sharing its expertise and giving us insight into their future works with a total of five presentations set for the GDC. For more information about the Game Developers Conference, check out the official page.

Crytek Logo

Crytek Logo

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