NVIDIA GTX Titan “Black Edition” Possible Q1 Release

NVIDIA looks to be planning multiple high end & high dollar GPUs

NVIDIA Geforce

Well if you got the money to spare and want to have the best of the best then get ready to open up your wallet for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan “Black Edition” and supposedly the NVIDIA GTX 790 to follow. I know we reported a rumor of a possible GTX 790 launch at CES 2014 but as we all found out that was not true.

So the new rumors now is that before the end of Q1 2014 the launch of two very high end GPUs will occur. Multiple sites I have read rumors from have said February but since Videocardz.com is typically the source of most rumors and they are saying sometime before end of Q1 I am going to go with that instead of trying to pin a rumored exact date. So lets get on with what else we will see from a possible NVIDIA GTX Titan Black Edition and GTX 790.

NVIDIA GTX Titan Black Edition

Once again everything is a rumor so take it with a grain of salt until NVIDIA has their press releases and we see a physical GPU. So if you are thinking the black edition will overtake the 780 Ti I would hold back your hopes of that. So the biggest rumor about a black edition GTX Titan is it will have three things that the original GTX Titan and GTX 780 Ti does not. These are high double precision computing performance, 64 more CUDA cores, and a 6 GB memory buffer instead of the 3 GB that current GTX 780 Ti’s sport. The NVIDIA GTX Titan black edition will supplant the GTX Titan but come with the same price tag at $999. One thing Videocardz stated that makes sense is the actual launch date could be tied to  how many GTX Titan’s are left in stock. I know Amazon has some for sale from third parties but Newegg has them on auto-notify. Last thing about the GTX Titan black edition being reported is that performance wise it is not intended to replace the GTX 780 Ti.


So now the really juicy rumor in my opinion. We posted possible specs of the GTX 790 here, but I ill go over them again.

  • 4992 CUDA Cores
  • Dual 320 bit interfaces
  • 10 GB of memory (5 GB per chip)
  • Dual GK110 cores but not fully utilized
  • 300 TDP

The reason that the GK110 cores won’t be used at max leads directly to the spec below it. Rumor is NVIDIA wants to keep cost and power consumption down as well as thermal temps I would imagine. No word on pricing yet but one could assume it may be the most expensive gaming GPU yet.

Possible NVIDIA GTX Titan Black Edition & GTX 790

Possible NVIDIA GTX Titan Black Edition & GTX 790

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