NZXT H230 Silent Mid Tower Case Review

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NZXT H230 Mid Tower Case

Let us start by saying the NZXT H230 isn’t going to win any beauty contest or cooling records for overclocking but depending on what your build is and your preferences then the NZXT H230 might be the perfect case for you. The H230 isn’t flashy but has a nice clean look to it and following in the steps of NZXT’s H series it goes more for silence than performance, not its not slouch in that department. I wouldn’t recommend putting quad GTX Titans in this case but should hold its own with one mid level GPU and a mid level CPU depending on your cooling solution. It does support USB 3.0 and comes with one intake and one outtake fan. In the end the H230 is a simple but as advertised case from NZXT.

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