NZXT H230 Silent Mid Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Overall I like the H230. When Darkstar and I first received it we looked down on it i’ll admit because of its size and well he had it’s big brother the H630 sitting next to it. Actually taking a good look at it I can now say that I like it. An HTPC come to mind when looking at because of its size and minimalist design.  As I said in the beginning this case isn’t going to win the award for overclocking with its minimal cooling but it can get the job done well enough to use it. NZXT is selling the H230 for $69.99 which isn’t a bad price for what this case offers if you look at your competitors but I think when you get smaller than a full tower you have to look at how a case fits your individual needs vs how well the case does in general. This case could fill both of those categories but I see this case as more of a specialized build than someone pulling it off the shelf on a whim to build a gaming PC in since I could possibly think of a couple better cases for that application for a few bucks more. So overall its a good case and worth the buy if you have a particular build in mind but I wouldn’t recommend getting a i7-4770k and a Titan and seeing how far you can overclock them. I really think this would be best served as a HTPC type PC case.


NZXT Phantom 530 Full Tower Case

ModCrash Editors Choice


  • Modular HDD cages
  • Sound damping material
  • Adequate cable management
  • USB 3.0 front ports
  • Toolless design


  • None
  • Clean, classic design and minimal hassle.
  • Silent mid tower with 7 motherboard expansion slots.
  • 2x USB 3.0, audio external connectors.
  • Noise absorbing internal padding.
  • Tool-free 5.25'' latch design.
  • Current Price:
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