OCaholic painstakingly benchmarks 13 versions of Catalyst drivers

AMD Catalyst Drivers

The guys over at OCaholic have gone through the absolutely painstaking process of testing no less then 13 different version of AMD’s Catalyst drivers, including the most recent beta drivers released just a few weeks ago.  Nothing but good things across the board:

AMD seems to have fixed those drivers issues as this time we didn’t notice anything abnormal at all. They even are the best drivers we ever tested on the Radeon HD 7970 on average. Compared to the 12.8 WHQL we saw an improvement lower than 1 % everywhere but in 3DMark Vantage where it’s the first time we score that high using stock settings, 32’040 points. AMD fixed (again) the performance problem under Dragon Age II we saw the first time using the Catalyst 12.xB from June 25, and again with the Catalyst 12.8 WHQL. The power consumption too is back to normal with 250 Watts under heavy load against the 270 Watts we measured last time (12.8 WHQL).


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