OCZ Storage Solutions Warranty Breakdown Explained

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OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba subsidy, have updated their warranty page with what the plan is for warranties for existing and older OCZ storage products. The breakdown is basically that all modern drives are still going to be kept covered under their respective 3 and 5 year warranties.

The list of full warranties honored include the Vector, Vector 150, Vertex, Vertex 2, Vertex 3, Vertex 4, Vertex 450, RevoDrive, RevoDrive 3, and RevoDrive 3X2. If you have an older Agility series then you are on a time limit with these SSD drives to get any warranty work done. January 22, 2015 will be your last day that the Agility series is covered. While not all unexpected but OCZ will completly discontinue any warranties for the majority of OCZ early products.


OCZ Warranty Breakdown for Current Products

5 Year Warranty Vector, Vector 150, Vertex 4
3 Year Warranty Vertex, Vertex 2, Vertex 3, Vertex 450, RevoDrive, RevoDrive 3, RevoDrive 3X2
Support till January 22, 2015 Agility, Agility 2, Agility 3, Agility 4
Unsupported Core (all), Apex, Petrol, Octane Series (all), Solid, Solid 2, Solid 3, Colossus Series (all), IBIS, Summit, Synapse, Solid Onyx (all), Solid Series, OCZ SATA I (first gen), OCZ SATA II (first gen)



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