Performance PCs: PC Water Cooling Super Shop

With all other shops closing, Performance-PCs is the spot to get all your cooling needs


Within the last couple of years water cooling has become almost as common as people building their own rigs. That’s why there are shops out there that help us get the parts we need. One of my favorites is Performance PCs. In our shop we are always looking to grab the latest fittings and parts to push our water cooling to the test and Performance PCs has not let us down yet in getting what we need. By far, Performance PCs has one of the largest selections “in stock” and ready to ship and that makes happy because we can get tests done faster. Not only is the shipping fast and easy, the customer service there is amazing. If something is not right they are more than happy to fix it.

I can note that Amazon has been showing a larger selection in their store but it is nowhere near what Performance PCs has. There are other shops out there like Koolance, Xoxide and more which are also great to shop from. So if you are into water cooling or looking to start, be sure to check them out too. I am sure you will find prices are comparable and based off where you live shipping speed too. What I can say though is that Performance PCs has never let us down when we needed something fast. So if you haven’t yet be sure to check out Performance PCs site and if you are looking to purchase some parts for your new or existing rig be sure to give them a try. I am sure you will find your next go to shop for your water cooling needs.

I took the liberty of providing a list of water cooling retailers in North America below. Sorry I didn’t include from retailers from around the world. If you know of any other shops world wide, please comment below and let everyone know.

PC Water Cooling Retailers in USA:

PC Water Cooling Retailers in Canada:

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