Riad Kilani from ModCrash Coming Back

It's been a while but I am re-thinking the business model.

Riad Kilani

Hey guy’s, as many of you know, ModCrash started more as a hobby site that kind of blew up over night. ModCrash really started taking off! In February 2014 Riad had been involved in a pretty bad car accident that ended up needing 4 cervical surgeries. After the 3rd surgery Riad immediately started suffering from a seizure disorder.Riad is still recovering but am ready to start trying to bring ModCrash back. To do this though, Riad need to reconsider the business model. ModCrash was built around a multi-team idea. Now that it is just will be basically just Riad, he will be doing video reviews, gaming streams and simple build items (nothing strenuous on my neck / back). Don’t worry though, ModCrash will still be bringing the same news, builds, guides and how to’s that you came to love. Just in a different way!

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  1. What a news! So glad to see you back. I was really (not because of that unfinished thing we still have, but sincerely) afraid you got mia or kinda. Thanks god you are not and getting well now.
    Too sad to hear that your teammates leaved right at the moment when you need their support most of all. But I hope you will find some new ones, real enthusiasts like you are.
    I’m glad to visit ModCrash knowing that there is a man behind all this with such a great motivation to keep it running and going forward. Take care.
    p.s. I’m not rushing ‘that unfinished thing’ assuming your condition and huge workload, and will be patiently waiting to continue. I’m ready when you are – send a pm anytime).

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