Rumor: AMD Centurion to be released

Rumor: AMD Centurion to be released

The rumor is AMD Centurion is going to be a released CPU @ 5Ghz stock. Though all the conspiracy theory and rumors on the web we got a juicy one here today.  Thanks to the good people of they broke the rumor that AMD plans to release a stock  piledriver FX chip running @ 5GHz on air! Who would have thought AMD would go for broke and give anyone that wants to pick this up an instant invitation into the 5 Ghz club!

Rumor: AMD Centurion to be released


While AMD has been focusing on their APUs and getting their chips into next gen consoles such as the Xbox 720 and the PS4, their enthusiast level FX processors, that do not have the built in graphics chips, have suffered and been overshadowed by Intel’s third generation core “Ivy Bridge” processors. This could definitely vault AMD up into the limelight that Intel hogs  for gaming CPUs when AMD releases details and this is indeed a correct rumor.

Seems to me AMD wants to give us all some food for thought for the weekend if we are looking towards what out next CPU will be. Now currently ‘Vishera’ architecture is powering the current FX-8350, which can go as high as 4.2GHz on turbo. The new chip codenamed “Centurion” is suppose to be released in “limited” quantities @ a price tag of $795. You did not read that wrong and I did not type it wrong either. The rumor is a $800 AMD enthusiast chip. This seems kinda steep but depending if it becomes a different architecture or maybe AMD has had something up its collective sleeve and just now getting ready to unleash it.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens and if the AMD Centurion does indeed have run at 5 Ghz on air. If this is truly the case is possibly 6Ghz on the horizon to overclockers?

Our very own Dorkstar has a FX-8320 CPU that he is working to overclock to 5Ghz from 3.5. If he can get 1.5Ghz out of that chip, what could be the limit on these “Centurion” FX chips?

It would be all interesting to know when details are released from AMD since they do not have anything to comment on at this time.



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