Samsung 840 Evo Series 1 TB Storage Solution SSD

Samsung 840 Evo Series SSD

Recently the Samsung 840 Evo SSD series was unveiled at the SSD Global Summit. While a new line of SSDs such as the 840 Evo are exciting, what has made the Samsung 840 Evo line stand out is that fact it offers a 1 Tb of storage space. Samsung created the 840 Evo SSD series to find a middle ground of their enthusiast series, the 840 Pro, and their mainstream series, the 840. So in a nutshell the Samsung 840 Evo line is as I said going to have the price range of somewhere around the 840 series but the performance as if was part of the 840 Pro series.

“After accelerating the growth of the SSD market with last year’s launch of entry-level, high-performance SSDs, we are introducing much faster SSDs with up to 1TB capacities offering consumers a wider range of choices,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president of memory sales & marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung continues to enhance its SSD brand image by delivering the industry’s highest quality solutions and continuously increasing its SSD market share by expanding the adoption of higher density SSDs.”

Samsung is calling the 840 Evo series an entry-level SSD but from what I have read about them is they are anything but. Samsung says it plans to start shipping and selling these globally starting on August 5th, 2013 and will have five different capacities to start out with.

Samsung 840 Evo Series SSD

Samsung 840 Evo Series SSD

Samsung 840 Evo Series SSD

Samsung 840 Evo Series Capacities and Speeds

  • 120 GB –  410 MB/s sequential write speed
  • 250 Gb – 520 MB/s sequential write speed
  • 500 Gb – Not Released Yet
  • 750 Gb – Not Released Yet
  • 1 Tb – 520 MB/s sequential write speed with 90,000 IOPS (Input Output operation per second) and 540 MB/s sequential read speed with 98,000 IOPS

I plan to update this later on as more information comes out which it should the Samsung 840 Evo series is launched in August with better information but currently I have only found little about the performance of the 840 Evo series. Some other facts about the Samsung 840 Evo series is it will use utilize 10 nm chips, Samsung’s proprietary multi-core MEX controller, and Samsung started mass producing the 840 Evo series back in April for what they expect to be a big demand after launch.

More information about Samsung SSD products can be found here.

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