SanDisk Introduces World’s First 128 GB MicroSD Card

SanDisk's new card uses a faster UHS-1 interface and the SDXC standard for large-capacity cards

SanDisk recently became the proprietors of the world’s largest microSD card to date, the 128 GB SanDisk Ultra. Considering that 10 years ago when the microSD format was introduced the max was 128 MB, that’s a pretty big jump. This card should be a winner for those constantly running out of storage room on their phones or tablets.

SanDisk looks to improve all aspects of their new microSDXC card

According to SanDisk’s announcements, we can look forward to faster read and write speeds due to the UHS-1 interface.

“The company reports that the high capacity is possible on such a small form factor thanks to an ‘innovative’ proprietary technique that allows for 16 memory die to be vertically stacked. Each one is also shaved to be thinner than a strand of hair.” Source

The product notes are reported to show Class 10 performance for recording Full HD video, and

“The card is also waterproof, temperature-proof, X-ray-proof, magnet-proof, shockproof, and comes with an SD adapter for digital camera compatibility.” Source

SanDisk has also released a new version of its Android Memory Zone app to accompany the card’s release. Memory Zone allows users to easily view, access, and backup files from their device’s internal storage. OptiMem is also a new added feature, which will automatically send old photos and videos to the memory card. According to SanDisk “OptiMem will continuously monitor users’ mobile device memory levels and inform them whenever the internal memory falls below a predefined threshold”.

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Card

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Card

Users may have to upgrade to take advantage of SanDisk’s new microSD

While the concept sounds great, users first have to actually be able to take advantage of the new storage capabilities. Most older phones and tablets come with the earlier microSDHC standard, which maxes out at 32 GB. SanDisk has alternatives though, offering more modestly priced 64 GB, 32 GB, 16 GB and 8 GB cards, with a starting price of $29.99. The SanDisk Ultra 128 GB is on sale now exclusively through Best Buy and Amazon, and will set buyers back $199.99.

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