Swiftech H220 Sales Have Been Discontinued in the US


Swiftech H220 Sales discontinued

On July 19th, 2013, the Swiftech H220 sales have been discontinued in the US. The reasoning behind it is due to Asetek approaching Swiftech with claims that the Swiftech H220 infringes on their patents. Swiftech responded in attempts to buying nonexclusive patents from Asetek, however Asetek quickly shot down any hopes of that happening, stating they do not sell licenses. This is a huge let down for the closed loop enthusiast, as the Swiftech H220 saw incredible performance over competitive water  coolers, perhaps why Asetek hunted it down.

The Death of the Swiftech H220

The death of the Swiftech H220 definitely has some set back. Here’s the timeline of communications between Swiftech and Asetek of the Swiftech H220.

On June 7 2013, Rouchon Industries Inc., d/b/a/ Swiftech® received a letter from Asetek’ s lawyers claiming that the H220 CPU cooler infringes on their US patents 8,240,362 (the ’362 patent) and 8,245,764 (the ‘764 patent) and to cease selling, offering for sale and importing the H220 CPU cooler in the United States.  Pending final disposition of this matter, Swiftech® immediately placed a hold on shipments of the H220 CPU cooling kits into the USA.
On June 27, 2013 Swiftech’s counsel responded to Asetek’ s attorney by a letter stating that preliminarily, Swiftech® does not believe that the H220 product infringes any valid claim of the ‘362 and ‘764 patents. Nonetheless, in an effort to avoid any unnecessary litigation Swiftech® also asked whether Asetek would be willing to offer a nonexclusive license for the asserted patents.
On July 12, 2013 Swiftech® received a response from Asetek’ s law firm stating that the company does not offer licenses.

Timeline from Swiftech Press Release of the Swiftech H220 withdrawal from US sales.


As many don’t know, Swiftech is one of the few companies manufacturing their own closed loop water coolers. While numerous other manufacturers have a closed loop water cooling system, many of them are manufactured by Asetek and re-branded. The death of the Switftech H220 is a strike against us a consumer, and doesn’t fuel competition in fact it fuels a monopoly. I’m quiet furious over the loss of one of the best closed loop water coolers out there, and feel we’re seeing an Apple like approach by Asetek. Instead of accepting innovation and progression in the field of water cooling, they are setting us back in order to gain a profit. On the other hand, Swiftech was quick to yield, and that may imply that they either knew of their patent infringement, or realized way too late that Asetek was right. Either way, I’m looking forward to see what comes in the future from both Manufacturers, however I’m rooting for Swiftech to make a comeback and shock us all with an even better closed loop water cooler.

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